Protech Contracting prides itself to execute the most advanced and up-to-date integrated systems for the proper satisfaction of all stakeholders of our projects.

Our competitive advantage lies in understanding all requirements of the wide range of existing systems from the low end level of cabling up to the high end level of programming and commissioning with proper integration of the most complicated systems.
Systems that are second nature to us include:

-    Building Management Systems (BMS)
-    Security CCTV, IPCCTV, Network Video Recorders (NVR), and Video Management Systems (VMS)
-    Energy Saving Systems
-    Access Control and Parking Management Solutions
-    Life Safety Solutions
-    Lightning Protection and Surge Arrestors
-    EIB/KNX Systems
-    CATV and SMATV Systems
-    Public Address and Emergency Evacuation Systems

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Protech Contracting S.a.r.l is established in the republic of Lebanon and registered as an electrical contractor, and since we were shareholders in Compagnie de Construction Immobi…

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